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Speaker, Author, Coach

Gale Jackson - Speaker, Author, Coach
Gale Jackson - Speaker, Author, Coach

A Chicago native now making an impact in Dallas. With a rich background as a keynote speaker and three decades of legal expertise, Gale has forged a distinguished career that spans both law and advocacy. Passionate about diversity, fairness, and combating family violence, she has authored empowering books like "The Boss from Hell" (2017) and "Fairy Godmother’s Little Book of Comfort" (2023).

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Fairy Godmother's Little Book of Comfort

 In this inspiring tale of courage, Gale shows that love and the power of kindness can heal even the deepest of wounds. It is a story that will encourage and uplift those in need. And reminds us all that no matter how dark the world may seem, there is always hope for a better tomorrow

Fairy Godmother's Little Book of Comfort  by Gale Jackson

Discover Gale's Latest Work

The Boss From Hell

Who among us has not known or at least heard of one or more boss from Hell? Gale Jackson looks at such bosses and their employees with humor, soul and down-to-earth examples of how people come to have them and how they manage to leave them. You're likely to nod your head while reading and to indulge in a few belly laughs in addition to being very grateful you did NOT work for the real-life bosses described in this inspirational yet humorous book.

The Boss From Hell  by Gale Jackson
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