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Gale Jackson – Speaker, Author, Coach


Gale Jackson is a resilient native of Chicago who has found her purpose in Dallas, crafting a career that seamlessly weaves together legal expertise and fervent advocacy. With an impressive 30-year track record as both a keynote speaker and a legal professional, Gale has navigated esteemed law firms in Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, and currently serves as a Corporate Legal Recruiter at a global law firm in Dallas.

Her dedication to people, diversity, and fairness is not confined to professional realms. Gale's youth was marked by active involvement with diverse religious organizations, studying the Bible, and offering support to both senior citizens and teenagers. These experiences laid the foundation for her multifaceted commitment to community well-being.

Fueled by a higher calling, Gale has channeled her passion into impactful literary creations. In 2017, she fearlessly tackled workplace mistreatment in her first book, "The Boss from Hell." Expanding her reach, Gale recently authored "Fairy Godmother’s Little Book of Comfort" in 2023, delving into the profound impact of domestic violence on children.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Gale has transformed her personal journey into a broader mission to break the cycle of family violence. Her objective is clear: empower, encourage, and educate individuals and corporations on the pervasive effects of violence within families and workplaces, contributing to a more compassionate and just society. Gale Jackson's narrative, as reflected in her books, compelling speeches, and advocacy work, serves as an embodiment of resilience, turning adversity into a catalyst for positive change.

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